How to choose a lawyer?

There are decisions in life that deserve to be made calmly. One of them is, for example, when we have to choose a doctor or when we have to hire a lawyer. We will try from here to offer some clues that can help you choose the lawyer that suits you best.

Tips for choosing a lawyer
Specialization: When we choose a lawyer, it’s usually because we have a problem, whether we’re going to divorce, we’ve been fired at work, or we’ve been the victim of an accident. Well, we’re interested in finding a lawyer who specializes in these types of cases. For example, if we need advice on a dismissal issue, we would be interested in going to a labor lawyer.

Proximity: Another important issue is geographical location. If we live in a small town it is possible that within the metropolitan limits we may find what we are looking for and have to go to neighbouring municipalities, but in cities this should not happen. If possible, always look for those closest to you: it will be easier when you have to go and talk to him or when you have to go to sign or do some paperwork.

Look for references: in an increasingly global world where there is more and more information on the Internet, it is not superfluous to look if someone has published ratings on that lawyer or law firm and if these are positive. There are many websites where clients can write comments explaining their opinion of the professional who served them. Another interesting option is to ask friends, acquaintances and/or family members, as a lawyer who is well spoken of by your loved ones can be a guarantee.
Experience: it is always preferable to find a lawyer who has experience in the matter you are going to deal with. During the first visit with the lawyer, you can ask him how he sees the case, if he has experience in similar cases and how successful he has been so far. Depending on the answers you get and how convinced you are, you can assess whether he gives you enough confidence to hire his services. If it has been recommended to you by someone you know, it is possible that you may have references from that person.

How to contact: is it easy to contact him or the law firm? This is an important aspect to assess, as it is very frustrating to have a lawyer who takes a matter to us and we can not contact him. A lawyer who is not accessible will not trust his clients, who have the right to be permanently informed of how their case is going. It is not a question of calling every day, but of informing the client regularly so that he knows how his case is developing. Nowadays, there are many ways to communicate, such as e-mail.
Price: On this aspect, it is not recommendable to choose a lawyer only depending on the price, because no matter how cheap a fee estimate may be, if the case ends up being lost in the end, the matter will have been expensive. In the same way that a good doctor is not cheap a good lawyer will not be either. However, we can not value that a lawyer is good because it is expensive. Therefore, several aspects have to be valued in addition to the price. The main element to value is the confidence offered by the lawyer we are going to hire, who has explained with sufficient clarity the pros and cons of the case, the chances of success, and that their explanations have convinced us. From there, we will assess whether we accept the price you ask. It is very important that you always sign a professional order document in which the services contracted and the cost for them are perfectly clear.

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