Why hire the services of a labor lawyer?

Before discussing the need to hire a labour lawyer, it is useful to indicate what is meant by that term. In short, a labor lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in Labor Law or Labor Law.
The labor legislation has changed over time, and in recent years very markedly, due both to changes at the political level and the economic situation. For this reason, the hiring of the services of a labor lawyer is key both for companies and for workers, since it is the professional who knows this regulation with all its changes and, likewise, the application that the courts make of it, that is to say, the jurisprudence.

Reasons for hiring a labour lawyer
Here are some of the reasons why it is highly recommended:

Informative: To be advised with a labor lawyer allows to be informed of the legal implications that stem from a labor reality. Knowing which are these is fundamental to know if you are respecting the rights, if it is necessary to carry out some action or if everything is correct. For example, a worker who suffers harassment at work will be interested to know what actions the law foresees to report his situation and what can be claimed, as well as what evidence will be necessary to demonstrate that situation.

Preventive: Anticipating a possible future situation by obtaining prior advice can be crucial to avoid negative consequences. For example, a worker who thinks you are going to be fired will be interested to know what documents to sign and how, and when it will be an unfair dismissal. Or, if a company wants to make a decision, such as an objective dismissal, it must have all the legal requirements for that dismissal to be correct and therefore minimise the risk of that decision being reversed in the future and ensure that it is a fair dismissal.

Savings: In addition to the logical time savings involved in delegating to a professional who knows the labor legal field, sometimes can also mean an economic saving since being properly advised before adopting a decision will allow it to be adjusted to law and, therefore, minimize the risk of possible negative consequences with economic costs.

Security: If you have the knowledge of the legal framework, the actions of a company can be carried out with the peace of mind of knowing what is in accordance with the law and what is not.

Professional assistance: In the case of legal proceedings, it is essential to have the assistance of a professional who knows both the substantive and procedural rules, in order to assess the chances of success, know when it is best to seek an agreement to avoid a trial, as well as when to go to trial, what questions to ask witnesses, when to interrogate the opposite, what evidence to influence to prove what is of interest, and so on.

In short, like everything else in life, when we encounter doubts, discussions or conflicts that have to do with the workplace, whether you are a company or a worker, having the advice or assistance of a labor lawyer is always the best decision.

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